Itemized Price List

Price Itemization
This itemization provides you with a detailed list of additional costs.

Many itemized items are included in your package. Please refer to Packages for more information.

Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home - $275 ($3.00 per mile over 30 miles)

Death Certificate - Certified Death Certificates are $25 a copy, $5 for each additional

Cremation Fee - $595

Delivery of Cremated Remains – $125 ($3.00 per mile over 30 miles)

Home Call Removal - $100

Refrigeration of Remains - First 24 hours free of charge; $75 each additional day

Transfer of Cremated Remains to a Personal Container or Urn Supplied by the Family - First container free of charge

Mailing of Cremated Remains -  $125 Cremated Remains are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) Registered Mail.

Insurance Assignments - 5% Fee on Amount Assigned

Infants to 6 weeks – $150

7 weeks to 1 year of Age - $200  

 2 Years of Age to 6 Years of Age - $350

Urns - $75 and up (A complete list of merchandise is available on our website and upon request)

Register Book - $55

Temporary Container - $25

Urn Engraving - $125

Alternative Container - $55 (Container cremation takes place in)

Cremation of Remains over 300 lbs. - Please add an additional $375 to package price.

Anatomical Donation - $475;  This service includes: Services of Licensed Funeral Director & Staff, Transfer of Remains within a 30 mile radius of the Crematory, Filing all necessary Paperwork, 1 Courtesy Certified Death Certificate, and Preparation of Death Notification for Newspaper.

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